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Acoustic Sensing

       Acoustic sensing systems use low-noise single-frequency lasers to probe an optical fiber cable for changes in strain and temperature. The fiber is then a distributed sensor that can be used to monitor high-value structures such as oil and gas pipelines or wells, bridges and dams, or provide in-ground perimeter security at borders and industrial and military facilities. Arrays of these cables can be used as sonar detection systems, and are currently being developed for naval surveillance measures (towed array sonar) and oil and gas reservoir monitoring

CW Single Frequency Sources:

Low-noise, narrow-linewidth, single-frequency, continuous wave (CW) lasers. NP Photonics' single-frequency fiber lasers provide exceptionally low noise performance in both erbium (1.55-micron band) and ytterbium (1.0-micron band) configurations with output power available up to 50W.

ASE Sources:

Broadband Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) devices. NP Photonics' ASEs provide a wide range of power (7-19 dBm) and wavelength (C band, C&L band, and 1-micron band), with options for gain flattening, and OEM and benchtop package styles.

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