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Environmental Sensing

          Environmental sensing techniques are used to identify the characteristic spectroscopic optical "fingerprint" of an atom or molecule. In fields such as pollution sensing and monitoring or battlefield standoff detection, laser-based techniques are often the solution to monitor trace chemicals at a distance.

CW Single Frequency Sources:

Low-noise, narrow-linewidth, single-frequency, continuous wave (CW) lasers. NP Photonics' single-frequency fiber lasers provide exceptionally low noise performance in both erbium (1.55-micron band) and ytterbium (1.0-micron band) configurations with output power available up to 50W.

Q-Switched & Ultrafast Lasers:

NP Photonics' all-fiber Q-switched and ultrafast lasers are customizable in erbium (1.55-micron band), ytterbium (1.0-micron band), thulium and holmium configurations (2-micron). 

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