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High-Energy Fiber Lasers


Coherent High-Energy Pulsed Laser & Amplifier

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.37.04


  • MilliJoule Output Energy

  • Up to 25W Output Power

  • Transform Limited Linewidth

  • Ruggedized Turnkey system

  • Center wavelength 1018 – 1080 nm, 1528-1575nm

  • Near-single mode (M2 < 1.3)

  • Polarization Maintaining (PER > 15dB)

  • Collimated output

  • Customizable

  • All- Fiber construction


  • Coherent LIDAR

  • Interferometric Sensing

  • Remote Standoff Sensing

  • Metrology

           The METEOR is a fully-integrated, turn-key pulsed single frequency fiber laser with milli-Joule energy
per pulse and up to 25W Output Power. It is based upon an all-fiber MOPA system design using on a
narrow linewidth ROCK fiber laser and short-length proprietary amplifying fibers.

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