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Coherent Communication

CW Single Frequency Sources:

Low-noise, narrow-linewidth, single-frequency, continuous wave (CW) lasers. NP Photonics' single-frequency fiber lasers provide exceptionally low noise performance in both erbium (1.55-micron band) and ytterbium (1.0-micron band) configurations with output power available up to 50W.

Q-Switched & Ultrafast Lasers:

NP Photonics' all-fiber Q-switched and ultrafast lasers are customizable in erbium (1.55-micron band), ytterbium (1.0-micron band), thulium and holmium configurations (2-micron). 

Short-Length Fiber Amplifiers:

NP Photonics' high gain, fiber amplifiers are capable of delivering >20dB gain in fiber lengths as short as 8cm and with noise figures competitive with EDFA's with much longer fiber lengths. Our miniature-EDFA's are perfect for free-space and fiber-based telecommunication applications where low latency, low accumulated non-linearity (B-integral), and high SNR is crucial to success.  


           Coherent communication systems take advantage of the long coherence length of single-frequency lasers by mixing a detected optical system with a local laser oscillator to create a difference frequency signal which is detected and amplified. With ever-increasing demands for fiber-optic links to carry more data, coherent communication techniques offer solutions to increase the bandwidth of optical links.

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