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Optical Trapping

        Optical trapping techniques are used by scientists to study fundamental quantum mechanical properties of atoms. These techniques, such as magneto-optical traps and lattice traps, use low-noise lasers to cool and contain atoms in an ultra-cold state. In this state, scientists can study properties of Bose-Einstein condensates, and perform experiments in quantum computing and quantum cryptography. These techniques, once only the realm of pure research, are moving into applications such as portable and compact ultra-precise clocks and navigational equipment.

CW Single Frequency Sources:

Low-noise, narrow-linewidth, single-frequency, continuous wave (CW) lasers. NP Photonics' single-frequency fiber lasers provide exceptionally low noise performance in both erbium (1.55-micron band) and ytterbium (1.0-micron band) configurations with output power available up to 50W.

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