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Fiber Glass

NP Photonics is a leading innovator in specialty fiber and fiber laser technologies. Please see the papers below for details on some of our research and development efforts.

Aug 23, 2016

Solitonic supercontinuum of femtosecond mid-IR pulses in W-type index tellurite fibers with two zero dispersion wavelengths

Nov 11, 2015

Energy transfer and energy level decay processes of Er3+ in water-free tellurite glass

Nov 15, 2013

Low loss, wide transparency, robust tellurite glass fibers for mid-IR (2-5 μm) applications

Nov 15, 2013

Mid-IR supercontinuum generation in ultra-low loss, dispersion-zero shifted tellurite glass fiber with extended coverage beyond 4.5 μm

Jan 01, 2011

Conceptual Study of a Fiber-Optical Approach to Solid-State Laser Cooling

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